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학술대회 In-Band Full-Duplex Wireless Powered Communication Networks
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주형식, 장갑석, 이문식
International Conference on Advanced Communication Technology (ICACT) 2015, pp.23-27
15MI2100, (통합)초연결 스마트 모바일 서비스를 위한 5G 이동통신 핵심기술개발, 정현규
In this paper, we consider wireless powered communication network (WPCN) in which a hybrid access point (H-AP) and user equipments (UEs) all operate in in-band full-duplex (IFD) mode. FD ability of UE allows it to harvest energy from the received energy while it transmits information in uplink (UL) at the same time, as well as that of the H-AP allows it to broadcast energy in the downlink (DL) while it receives UEs' UL information. In the aforementioned network, we derived optimal UL time allocation to users to maximize the sum-throughput in the network. We show by simulation that the IFD WPCN has higher throughput than that of HD WPCN when the self-interference (SI) can be effectively cancelled thanks to more efficient use of UL time and increased harvested energy.
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Broadcast energy, Full-Duplex(FuDu), In-band full duplex, Self-interference, User equipment(UE), full-duplex wireless, hybrid access point, time allocation, wireless-powered communication network(WPCN)