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학술대회 An area efficient video/audio codec for portable multimedia application
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박성모, 김성민, 변경진, 차진종, 조한진
International Symposium on Circuits and Systems (ISCAS) 2000, pp.595-598
00MR1300, IMT-2000용 MPEG-4코덱 ASIC개발, 안치득
In this paper, we present an area efficient of video and audio single chip encoder/decoder for portable multimedia application. The single-chip called as VASP (Video Audio Signal Processor) consists of video signal processing block and audio signal processing block. This chip has mixed hardware/software architecture to combine performance and flexibility. The video signal processing block was designed to implement hardwired solution of pixel input/output, full pixel motion estimation, half pixel motion estimation, discrete cosine transform, quantization, run length coding, host interface, and 16bit RISC type internal controller. The audio signal processing block is implemented with software solution using 16 bits fixed point DSP. This chip contains 142,300 gates, 22 k bits FIFO, 107 k bits SRAM, and 556 k bits ROM, and the chip size was 9.02 mm×9.06 mm which was fabricated using 0.5 micron 3-layers metal CMOS technology.
KSP 제안 키워드
2 mm, Area-Efficient, Audio codec, Audio signal processing, CMOS Technology, Discrete cosine Transform, Fixed-point, Motion estimation(ME), Run length, Signal processor, Single-Chip