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학술지 Sub-THz Continuous Wave Generation Scheme Using High-Order Harmonics Modulated Lightwave
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김성일, 김태용, 강승범, 곽민환, 강광용
Optics Communications, v.285 no.12, pp.2905-2910
11PR2800, 테라헤르츠대역 전파 환경 및 무선 전송 플랫폼 기술 연구, 정태진
We propose a sub-THz continuous wave (CW) generation scheme using a high-order harmonics modulated lightwave (HML) to reduce an electronic dependency of a conventional double sideband suppressed carrier (DSB-SC) scheme. The electronic dependency should be overcome to increase frequency tunability of the conventional DSB-SC scheme. This is because the frequency of a local oscillator (LO), f LO, should be one-half frequency of the frequency of a desired sub-THz CW in the conventional DSB-SC scheme. The proposed scheme is formed by adding an optical feedback loop to the conventional DSB-SC scheme. In order to verify our proposed scheme, a 120 GHz CW is generated using the LO with f LO = 20 GHz. Based on our experimental results, we have found that the frequency of the LO can be reduced by our proposed scheme up to one-sixth (20 GHz) of 120 GHz. The 120 GHz CW generated by the proposed scheme has 52 dB higher photomixed output power with narrow spectral linewidth than that of the 120 GHz CW generated by the conventional DSB-SC scheme using the LO with f LO = 20 GHz. Consequently, our proposed scheme can be helpful to reduce the electronic dependency of the conventional DSB-SC scheme. © 2012 Elsevier B.V. All rights reserved.
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120 GHz, Double-sideband(DSB), Feedback Loop, High-order harmonics, Local Oscillator, Output power, Spectral linewidth, Sub-THz, Wave generation, continuous wave(CW), double sideband suppressed carrier(DSB-SC)