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학술대회 A Service Protection mechanism Using VPN GW Hiding Techniques
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박평구, 류호용, 홍경태, 유성민, 박재형, 류재철
International Conference on Information Science and Applications (ICISA) 2015 (LNEE 339), pp.1053-1062
14MI2700, Non-stop Active Routing을 지원하는 고가용성 네트워크 운영체제 기술개발, 류호용
The recent supply of smartphone and the late change in the internet environment had lead users to demand safe services. Especially, the VPN technology is being researched as a key technology for providing safe services within the cloud environment or the data-center environment. However, the openness of IP is a critical threat to the VPN technology, which provides service via sharing IP address of its gateway. The exposed IP address is venerable to many kinds of attacks, and thus VPN gateway and its service are also venerable to these threats. This paper proposes a VHSP mechanism, which prevents exposure of IP address by assigning temporal IP address for the VPN gateway and its services. VHSP assign temporal IP address per-user bases. Moreover, this paper had verified performance of VHSP and original VPN in various conditions.