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학술지 Silicon Photonic Receiver and Transmitter Operating Up to 36 Gb/s for λ~1550 nm
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주지호, 장기석, 김상훈, 김인규, 오진혁, 김선애, 정규섭, 김윤수, 박준은, 김성우, 지한규, 정덕균, 김경옥
Optics Express, v.23 no.9, pp.12232-12243
Optical Society of America(OSA)
14MB1300, 실리콘 나노포토닉스 기반 차세대 컴퓨터 인터페이스 플랫폼 원천기술 개발, 김경옥
We present the hybrid-integrated silicon photonic receiver and transmitter based on silicon photonic devices and 65 nm bulk CMOS interface circuits operating over 30 Gb/s with a 10-12 bit error rate (BER) for 款 ~1550nm. The silicon photonic receiver, operating up to 36 Gb/s, is based on a vertical-illumination type Ge-on-Si photodetector (Ge PD) hybrid-integrated with a CMOS receiver front-end circuit (CMOS Rx IC), and exhibits high sensitivities of -11 dBm, -8 dBm, and -2 dBm for data rates of 25 Gb/s, 30 Gb/s and 36 Gb/s, respectively, at a BER of 10-12. The measured energy efficiency of the Si-photonic receiver is 2.6 pJ/bit at 25 Gb/s with an optical input power of -11 dBm, and 2.1 pJ/bit at 36 Gb/s with an optical power of -2 dBm. The hybrid-integrated silicon photonic transmitter, comprised of a depletion-type Mach-Zehnder modulator (MZM) and a CMOS driver circuit (CMOS Tx IC), shows better than 5.7 dB extinction ratio (ER) for 25 Gb/s, and 3 dB ER for 36 Gb/s. The silicon photonic transmitter achieves the data transmission with less than 10-15 BER at 25 Gb/s, 10-14 BER at 28 Gb/s, and 6 × 10-13 BER with the energy efficiency of ~6 pJ/bit at 30 Gb/s.
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1550 nm, 65 nm, Bit Error Rate(And BER), Bulk CMOS, CMOS Receiver, CMOS driver, Data transmission, Driver circuit, Energy Efficiency, Front-End Circuit, Ge-on-Si