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학술대회 The Performances of a Super-Multiview Simulator and the Presence of Monocular Depth Sense
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이범렬, 박정철, 정일권, Jung-young Son
Three-Dimensional Imaging, Visualization, and Display 2015 (SPIE 9495), pp.1-10
A simulator which can test a supermultiview condition is introduced. It allows to view two adjacent view images for each eye simultaneously and display patched images appearing at the viewing zone of a contact-type multiview 3-D display. The accommodation and vergence test with an accommodometer reveals that viewers can verge and accommodate even to the image at 600 mm and 2.7 m from them when a display screen/panel is located at 1.58 m from them. The verging and accommodating distance range is much more than the range 1.3 m ~ 1.9 m determined by the depth of field of the viewers. Furthermore, the patched images also provide a good depth sense which can be better than that from individual view images.
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3D display, Depth of Field, Depth sense, Three dimensional(3D), contact-type, display screen