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학술대회 Advanced DSRC System for Supporting Mobile IP
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최현미, 임춘식, 오덕길
Symposium on Applications and the Internet (SAINT) Workshops 2001, pp.165-170
01MR3200, 차세대 ITS 시스템 기술개발, 임춘식
ITS (Intelligent Transportation System) will provide traffic efficiency and mobile safety without construction of new roads. To provide ITS services, DSRC (Dedicated Short-Range Communication) has been developed to provide high-speed radio link between RSE (Road Side Equipment) and OBE (On Board Equipment). In this paper, we present the requirements and structure of advanced DSRC system for supporting Mobile IP service on car. Advanced DSRC system has the features: frequent movement, small communication coverage, no soft-handoff, and short sojourn time. According to these features, FA (Foreign Agent) clustering and service forwarding are chosen for supporting mobile IP service on car in advanced DSRC system. The reasons are that FA clustering is good in frequent and high-speed movement, and service forwarding is appropriate in single communication islands. Service forwarding can be provided within a cluster and between clusters. Agent discovery and registration are not required for service forwarding within a cluster. On the other hand, agent discovery and registration are required for service forwarding between clusters. Therefore, Service forwarding between clusters will provide better Mobile Office, but increase the implementation complexity.
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Foreign agent(FA), High-speed movement, Implementation complexity, Intelligent Transport Systems(ITS), Mobile IP(MIP), Sojourn time, Traffic Efficiency, communication coverage, dedicated short-range communication(DSRC), intelligent transportation, mobile office