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학술대회 The equivalent circuit modeling of defected ground structure with spiral shape
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김철수, 임종식, 남상욱, 강광용, 박종임, 김근영, Dal Ahn
International Microwave Symposium (IMS) 2002, pp.2125-2128
01MB4400, 유무선 통합 중계기용 60 GHz급 밀리미터파 신호원 기술, 김호영
We proposed the newly etched DGS(Defected Ground Structure) with a spiral shape in metallic ground plane and the equivalent circuit modeling applied to a spiral DGS for the microstrip line. The proposed spiral DGS can provide steep rejection characteristics with the one and only spiral. The equivalent circuit for the spiral DGS is derived by means of three-dimensional field analysis methods. To represent spurious resonance, the equivalent circuit of a spiral DGS is consisted of an inductor and a shorted stub with step impedance. The circuit parameters are extracted from a simple circuit analysis method. Experimental results show excellent agreements with circuit simulation results in wide band and the validity of our circuit modeling for the spiral DGS.
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Analysis method, Circuit analysis, Equivalent circuit modeling, Field analysis, Microstrip Line, Step Impedance, Three dimensional(3D), Wide band, circuit parameters, circuit simulation, defected ground structure(DGS)