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Conference Paper Satellite remote education system design and implementation using MPEG-4 under DVD compliant network
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Lee Bong Ho, Lee Soo In
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International Conference on Multimedia and Expo (ICME) 2002, pp.393-396
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02MR3200, The Development of Super-intelligent Multimedia Anytime-anywhere Realistic TV(SmarTV) Technology, Jae Moung Kim
This paper describes the design and implementation framework of the interactive satellite remote education (ISRE) system using MPEG-4 under a DVB compliant network. As a satellite interactive education material providing system, the ISRE system has a requirement of low bit rate transmission of video lecture screen. To achieve this goal, we used MPEG-4 video tools instead of the conventional MPEG-2 solution. The design is mainly concentrated on the transmission framework of the MPEG-4 stream and the real-time implementation of the MPEG-4 video codec that has live casting and offline MP4 file casting capabilities. The ISRE real-time MPEG-4 codec was implemented by using multimedia extended software techniques such as code optimization, MMX programming and DirectX/spl trade/ programming without using any dedicated hardware. Concerning the transmission framework, we used the DVB MPE and data carousel protocol for the casting and MP4 file clip transmission so as to ensure the delivery of educational materials.
KSP Keywords
Code Optimization, MPEG-2, MPEG-4 STREAM, MPEG-4 video, Real-Time Implementation, Satellite remote, Video Codec, Video lecture, dedicated hardware, implementation framework, low bit rate