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학술대회 Development of Lane-Level Guidance Service in Vehicle Augmented Reality System
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이정우, 윤창락, 강정규, 박병준, 김경호
International Conference on Advanced Communication Technology (ICACT) 2015, pp.263-266
15PC1200, 운전 안전성 및 편의성 향상을 위한 운전자 시야 중심 차량용 증강현실 정보제공 시스템 기술개발, 김경호
A driver should always pay attention to various situations which he faces inside and outside the car while driving and always keep eyes forward for safe driving. A vehicle augmented reality system provides the driver with safe and convenience information which matched with the real world through HUD. It makes the driver keep eyes forward road and other cars. We have developed the vehicle augmented reality system and various services and tested them on an indoor testbed This system provides driver with the forward situation awareness service, the lane change service, the lane departure service and so on displayed as the vehicle augmented reality. We describe the development contents and results of the developed vehicle augmented reality system focused on the lane-level guidance technology which determines the lane change or the lane departure using route information, road properties, the driving lane information, position, and so on.
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Augmented reality(AR), Augmented reality system, Lane change, Real-world, Route information, Safe driving, Situation awareness(SA), lane departure