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학술지 Robust Mutual Trust Architecture for Safety Critical Service in Heterogeneous Mobile Network Environment
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윤성현, 이순석, 김상하
Telecommunication Systems, v.60 no.2, pp.275-284
Wireless network services are more vigorous than ever due to the rapid development of mobile devices such as smartphones. Most mobile devices are evolving into multi-purpose handsets having multiple interfaces and always on, operating in a state that can receive the data any time through these different interfaces. In line with this trend, safety critical services such as e-commerce and on-line financial service have now mostly been used through the mobile environment. Since the Internet service is made up of interaction between the user and the service provider, service safety is based on mutual trust between them. In other words, the user terminal and the service provider system should have confidence in the identities of each other. In heterogeneous mobile network, the user terminal can get access to the service system through diverse access networks simultaneously. So, service provider cannot distinguish which is a valid access for service. In this paper, we propose a mutual trust architecture that can maintain a sustainable secure relation between the user terminal and the safety critical service system by using both personal and network information.
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Critical services, Electronic commerce(E-Commerce), Financial services, Heterogeneous mobile network environment, Internet service, Mobile devices, Mutual trust architecture, Network information, Network service, Rapid development, Safety-Critical