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학술대회 3D information manipulation and collaboration for internet virtual space
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양정민, 심광현, 김종성
International Conference on Systems, Man and Cybernetics (SMC) 2002, pp.1-4
The SHINE system, developed in Virtual Reality Center, ETRI, is a middleware for implementing distributed networked virtual environments. It has a distributed client-server structure, manages multiple virtual spaces and realizes internet collaborations and real-time sharing of 3-D data between users. In this paper, we extend the authors' previous results by adding a number of functionality and object-oriented characteristics to the client browser module for the SHINE system. The improvement in the SHINE system includes text chatting, video conferencing and a number of utilities for internet collaboration.
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3D data, 3D information, Client-server, Information manipulation, Networked virtual environment, Real-Time, Three dimensional(3D), Virtual Reality(VR), Virtual space, object-oriented, time sharing