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학술지 Infrastructure Requirements for Cloud Computing Interoperability
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오동휘, 김양우, 이승윤, 이강찬
Information : An International Interdisciplinary Journal, v.17 no.11(A), pp.5535-5548
International Information Institute
Nowadays, more and more organizations and industries are planning to move to cloud considering the advantages such as reduced cost and dynamic scalability. However, there are some hindering issues such as low interoperability, security and service level. Specially, lacking in cloud interoperability, customers may lock in to a specific cloud service provider, not being able to take economic advantage and service quality improvement by moving to a different provider later. In this paper, we dig into cloud computing interoperability requirements from four different aspects. They are VM image migration, data movement, resource/job management and user permission/authorization management. Before deriving the interoperability requirements, we developed specific use-cases first, and then derived the requirements based on the use-cases. The derived requirements will contribute to improve cloud interoperability dramatically when they are reflected in international standard, and our work is a part of this effort.
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Cloud Computing, Cloud Interoperability, Cloud Service Providers(CSP), Data movement, Dynamic scalability, International standard, Job management, Quality improvement, Service Quality, Use Cases, service level