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학술대회 Smart Home Web of Objects-Based IoT Management Model and Methods for Home Data Mining
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김지영, 이학진, 손지연, 박준희
Asia-Pacific Network Operations and Management Symposium (APNOMS) 2015, pp.327-331
14PR4100, 스마트홈 웹 오브젝트 아키텍처(SWOA) 기술 개발, 이현우
Nowadays, much research in recent years has focused on IoT (Internet of Things). The home domain is the most important research area of IoT, because there expected accounts of home smart device for over 40 percent of connected device excepting mobile phone. Furthermore, enormous data is generated by home smart device. There is growing concern, but the previous works didn't address enough to manage and analyze home data. The purpose of this study is to describe and examine to manage the aggregated home IoT data based on SWO (Smart home Web of Objects), and SWO analytics platform. We shows the implementation of SWO analytics platform and a case study using real data from smart metering devices for analysis of appliance usage patterns.
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Analytics platform, Case studies, Data mining(DM), Home IoT, Internet of thing(IoT), Management model, Real data, Smart Homes(SH), Smart Metering, Smart devices, Web of Objects