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학술지 Stabilization of Panoramic Videos from Mobile Multi-Camera Platforms
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Ameer Hamza, Rehan Hafiz, Muhammad M. Khan, 조용주, 차지훈
Image and Vision Computing, v.37, pp.20-30
Wide field of view panoramic videos have recently become popular due to the availability of high resolution displays. These panoramic videos are generated by stitching video frames captured from a panoramic video acquisition system, typically comprising of multiple video cameras arranged on a static or mobile platform. A mobile panoramic video acquisition system may suffer from global mechanical vibrations as well as independent inter-camera vibrations resulting in a jittery panoramic video. While existing stabilization schemes generally tackle single-camera vibrations, they do not account for these inter-camera vibrations. In this paper, we propose a video stabilization technique for multi-camera panoramic videos under the consideration that independent jitter may be exhibited by content of each camera. The proposed method comprises of three steps; the first step removes the global jitter in the video by estimating collective motion and subsequently removing the high frequency component from it. The second step removes the independent i.e. local jitter of each camera by estimating motion of each camera content separately. Pixels that are located in the overlapping regions of panoramic video are contributed by neighboring cameras, therefore, the estimated camera motion for these pixels is weighted using the blend masks generated by the stitching process. The final step applies local geometric warping to the stitched frames and removes any residual jitter induced due to parallax. Experimental results prove that proposed scheme performs better than existing panoramic stabilization schemes.
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Acquisition system, Collective motion, Field of view(FOV), Frequency components, High Frequency(HF), High-resolution, Mobile platform, Multi-camera, Panoramic video, Second step, Video Stabilization