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학술대회 Site-Specific Path Loss Characteristics with Directional Antenna Measurements at 28 GHz in Urban Street Grid Environments
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이주열, 양금위, 권헌국, 김명돈
International Symposium on Personal, Indoor, and Mobile Radio Communication (PIMRC) 2015, pp.186-190
The deployment of 5G mobile communications at millimeter-wave frequency bands is currently the subject of intense debate. To help in conducting feasibility, planning and interference analysis studies for the introduction of millimeter-wave frequencies, this paper investigates path loss characteristics with steerable directional antenna measurements at 28 GHz. In particular, we focus on propagation characteristics in urban street (e.g., Manhattan grid style) environments, where radio waves mainly propagate along the streets, while corners act as the source of NLOS obstructions. When TX and RX were in the same street, establishing an LOS link, near free-space path loss behaviors were observed. In NLOS situations, the measurement data were consistent with an ITU-R corner-turning model, with parameter adjustments.
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28 GHz, 5G mobile communication, Antenna Measurements, Directional Antenna, Interference Analysis, International telecommunications union radiocommunication(ITU-R), Path loss characteristics, Propagation characteristics, Urban street, free space path loss, frequency band