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학술대회 Detection Method of Visible and Invisible Nipples on Digital Breast Tomosynthesis
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채승훈, 정지욱, 이수열, 채은영, 김학희, 최영욱
Medical Imaging 2015: Image Processing (SPIE 9413), pp.1-6
Digital Breast Tomosynthesis(DBT) with 3D breast image can improve detection sensitivity of breast cancer more than 2D mammogram on dense breast. The nipple location information is needed to analyze DBT. The nipple location is invaluable information in registration and as a reference point for classifying mass or micro-calcification clusters. Since there are visible nipple and invisible nipple in 2D mammogram or DBT, the nipple detection of breast must be possible to detect visible and invisible nipple of breast. The detection method of visible nipple using shape information of nipple is simple and highly efficient. However, it is difficult to detect invisible nipple because it doesn"t have prominent shape. Mammary glands in breast connect nipple, anatomically. The nipple location is detected through analyzing location of mammary glands in breast. In this paper, therefore, we propose a method to detect the nipple on a breast, which has a visible or invisible nipple using changes of breast area and mammary glands, respectively. The result shows that our proposed method has average error of 2.54짹1.47mm.
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Average error, Breast Cancer(BC), Dense breast, Detection Method, Detection sensitivity, Digital breast tomosynthesis(DBT), Location information(GPS), Reference point, highly efficient, nipple detection, shape information