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학술지 Electrochemical Properties of Vanadium Oxide Thin Film Deposited by R.F. Sputtering
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박용준, 류광선, 김광만, 박남규, 강만구, 장순호
Solid State Ionics, v.154-155, pp.229-235
01MB2100, 리튬금속 고분자 2차전지 기술개발, 장순호
Vanadium oxide (V2O5) thin films with various thicknesses have been prepared by using the radio frequency (R.F.) sputtering method from V2O5 (ceramic) or V (metal) target. The electrochemical properties of the films were characterized as a function of the thickness. The films with thickness of 500 nm fabricated from V2O5 ceramic target showed proper discharge capacity and cycle performance. However, the electrochemical property for the film with thickness of over 500 nm could not be observed due to the low deposition rate from V2O5 ceramic target and instability of interface between the surface and the film. The discharge capacity and cyclic performance of vanadium oxide films deposited from V metal target degraded with increasing thickness of the films. Considering the electrochemical properties of the films and the requirement of current density for the application field of thin film battery, appropriate thickness of vanadium oxide film for thin film battery was less than 1000 nm in our work. © 2002 Elsevier Science B.V. All rights reserved.
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Ceramic target, Cycle performance, Low deposition rate, Radio Frequency(RF), Sputtering method, Vanadium oxide films, Vanadium oxide thin film, current density, cyclic performance, discharge capacity, electrochemical property