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학술지 Asymmetric Broadband Doherty Power Amplifier Using GaN MMIC for Femto-Cell Base-Station
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지승훈, 이주연, 손정환, 김석현, 김철호, 문정환, 김범만
IEEE Transactions on Microwave Theory and Techniques, v.63 no.9, pp.2802-2810
14MI8100, 밀리미터파 5G 이동통신 시스템 개발, 김태중
A power amplifier (PA) for a femto-cell base station should be highly efficient and small. The efficiency for amplification of a high peak-to-average power ratio (PAPR) signal is improved by designing an asymmetric Doherty power amplifier (DPA). From the simulation result for a long-term evolution (LTE) signal with 7.2-dB PAPR, the DPA delivers the highest efficiency with 1:1.4 cell size ratio for the carrier and peaking PAs. A small size is achieved by designing the DPA using a GaN monolithic microwave integrated circuit process. For broadband operation, we employ a new circuit topology to alleviate the bandwidth limiting factors of the DPA such as a quarter-wavelength transformer, phase compensation network, and offset line. With the design concept, an asymmetric broadband DPA is implemented using a TriQuint 3MI 0.25-μm GaN-HEMT MMIC process. Across 2.1-2.7 GHz, the implemented PA deliver a drain efficiency of over 49%, a gain of over 12.6 dB, and adjacent channel leakage ratio of below 45 dBc at an average power of over 33.1 dBm for the LTE signal. This fully integrated circuit has a chip-size of 2.65 mm×1.9 mm.
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Adjacent channel leakage ratio(ACLR), Cell Size, Design concept, Doherty power amplifier(DPA), Fully integrated, GaN HEMT, Integrated circuit process, Limiting factors, Long term Evolution(LTE), Microwave monolithic integrated circuits(MMIC), Peak-to-Average-Power-Ratio(PAPR)