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학술지 A User-Centric Knowledge Creation Model in a Web of Object-Enabled Internet of Things Environment
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Muhammad Golam Kibria, Sheik Mohammad Mostakim Fattah, 정광현, 정일영, 정연쾌
Sensors, v.15 no.9, pp.24054-24086
14PC1500, 정보통신기술 기반 건물에너지 소비진단 및 커미셔닝 기술 개발, 정연쾌
User-centric service features in a Web of Object-enabled Internet of Things environment can be provided by using a semantic ontology that classifies and integrates objects on the World Wide Web as well as shares and merges context-aware information and accumulated knowledge. The semantic ontology is applied on a Web of Object platform to virtualize the real world physical devices and information to form virtual objects that represent the features and capabilities of devices in the virtual world. Detailed information and functionalities of multiple virtual objects are combined with service rules to form composite virtual objects that offer context-aware knowledge-based services, where context awareness plays an important role in enabling automatic modification of the system to reconfigure the services based on the context. Converting the raw data into meaningful information and connecting the information to form the knowledge and storing and reusing the objects in the knowledge base can both be expressed by semantic ontology. In this paper, a knowledge creation model that synchronizes a service logistic model and a virtual world knowledge model on a Web of Object platform has been proposed. To realize the context-aware knowledge-based service creation and execution, a conceptual semantic ontology model has been developed and a prototype has been implemented for a use case scenario of emergency service.
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Context awareness, Detailed information, Internet of thing(IoT), Knowledge creation model, Knowledge-based, Meaningful information, Ontology Model, Real-world, Service Rules, Service creation, Service features
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