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학술대회 Analysis of Electrical Characteristics of AlGaN/GaN on Si Large SBD by Changing Structure
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이현수, 정동윤, 박영락, 나제호, 장현규, 이형석, 전치훈, 박준보, 문재경, 류상욱, 고상춘, 남은수, 김진식
International Conference on Solid State Devices and Materials (SSDM) 2015, pp.176-177
We investigated the improvement in electrical characteristics of large AlGaN/GaN on Si Schottky barrier diode (SBD) induced by structural change to achieve a better trade-off between the forward and reverse performance to obtain high power conversion efficiency in PFC converter. Using an optimized dry etch condition for a large device, we fabricated three-types of SBD with 63 mm channel width: conventional, recessed, recessed dual-anode-metal SBD. The recessed dual-anode-metal SBD exhibited a very low turn-on voltage of 0.34 V, a high forward current of 1.63 A at 1.5 V, a leakage current of 114 μA at -15 V, a breakdown voltage of 794 V.
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AlGaN/GaN-on-Si, Breakdown voltage(BDV), Channel Width, Conversion efficiency(C.E.), Dry etch, Forward and reverse, Forward current, High power conversion efficiency, Leakage current, PFC converter, Structural changes