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학술대회 Face Recognition Performance Comparison Between Real Faces and Pose Variant Face Images from Image Display Device
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조미영, 정영숙
Information and Communication Technology-EurAsia Conference (ICT-EurAsia) 2015 (LNCS 9357), v.9357, pp.229-234
Face recognition technology, unlike other biometric methods, is conveniently accessible with the use of only a camera. Consequently, it has created an enormous interest in a variety of applications, including face identification, access control, security, surveillance, smart cards, law enforcement, human computer interaction. However, face recognition system is still not robust enough, especially in unconstrained environments, and recognition accuracy is still not acceptable. In this paper, to measure performance reliability of face recognition systems, we expand performance comparison test between real faces and face images from the recognition perspective and verify the adequacy of performance test methods using an image display device.
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Comparison tests, Display device, Face Image, Face Recognition system, Image display, Performance Test, Performance and Reliability, Performance comparison, Recognition Accuracy, Smart Card, access control