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학술대회 A System Interconnection Device for Small-Scale Clusters
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런예, 김영우, 김학영
International Conference on Cloud Computing (CloudComp) 2015 (LNICST 167), v.167, pp.174-183
The performance of a physical cluster ultimately depends on two factors. One is the capability of individual computing nodes and the other is the networking speed among them. Recent processors are being greatly developed in terms of enhancing the processing speed while lowering the monetary cost. As for the networking technologies, nowadays dominant solutions have disadvantages such as high installation price and low protocol efficiency. Such drawbacks become the bottleneck of improving the ?쁯erformance per cost?? ratio of the cluster as a whole. This paper proposes an alternative system interconnection device especially for application in small-scale clusters. The non-transparent bridges in PCI Express technology are employed to allow PCI Express packets to directly transmit across networked computing nodes. The performance is measured under two kinds of data transmission schemes, with two different benchmarking tools, respectively. Currently the proposed device delivers a peak unidirectional throughput of 8.6 gigabits per second.
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Benchmarking Tools, Data transmission, PCI-Express(PCIe), Processing speed, Small-scale, System interconnection, monetary cost