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학술지 New Small Cell Traffic Offloading Algorithm According to the Network Utilization and Offloading Preference
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이승규, 천혜림, 강신헌, 김재현
Information : An International Interdisciplinary Journal, v.18 no.8, pp.3533-3545
International Information Institute
Today, mobile data traffic explosively increases due to the prevalence of mobile devices, improvement of wireless access techniques, high data rates networks and so on. The increase of mobile traffic can be load to operator's core network. To reduce the load, 3GPP proposes the offloading solutions through small cells such as local IP access (LIPA) and selected IP traffic offload (SIPTO). However, these solutions do not provide the concrete offloading scheme, just provide network architecture and offloading procedures. Consequently, many offloading algorithm works based on the LIPA/SIPTO have been conducted and some related works beyond the LIPA/SIPTO have been also researched as well. However, these related works don't consider network utilization. Therefore, it needs to research the offloading algorithm considering network utilization. This paper proposes a new small cell traffic offloading algorithm according to the core network and offloading path utilization. The proposed algorithm decides the offloading ratio based on the network utilization and offloading preference. Simulation results show that the measured offloading ratio is similar with numerical optimal offloading ratio and offloading traffic volume is determined by the network utilization and user preference. In addition, cost of application type and delay ratio are affected by weighting factors.
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Core Network, High data rate, IP traffic, Mobile data traffic, Mobile devices, Mobile traffic, Network Architecture, Network utilization, Offloading algorithm, Small cells, Traffic volume