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학술대회 Ka band active phase array antenna with digital beam former for the HAPS systems
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강병수, 구본준, 안도섭
International Symposium on Personal, Indoor and Mobile Radio Communications (PIMRC) 2003, pp.2475-2479
03MR2400, 성층권 통신시스템 기술기준 및 핵심요소 기술 개발, 안도섭
HAPS(High Altitude Platform Station) system have many attractive points for the next generation communication systems, focused on high data rate multimedia services. HAPS would be located around 20km above sea level and this altitude is very low when it is compared with Satellite communication systems, even it is LEO systems. So HAPS systems could have enough link margin. In this paper, Ka band prototype Active Phase Array Antenna(APAA), including 19 channels with 7 beams controlled by means of Digital Beam Former(DBF) is designed, we conclude that the APAA system based on the DBF technology is appropriate for the application in HAPS payload because DBF can achieve better performance than analog beam former. © 2003 IEEE.
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Active Phase, Digital beam former, High altitude platform station(HAPS), High data rate, Link Margin, Multimedia Service, Next generation communication systems, Phase array antenna, Sea level, ka-band, satellite communication system