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학술대회 The effects of frequency offset on the performance of mobile in cdma-IMT2000
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이일규, 이동한, 박윤옥, S.-H. Oh
International Symposium on Personal, Indoor and Mobile Radio Communications (PIMRC) 2003, pp.2730-2733
This paper explains the impact of frequency error on the performance of cdma-IMT2000 mobile communication systems and what brings about the frequency error between the base station and the mobile station, and then presents automatic frequency error correction method in mobile receiver. On the basis of system requirement related to frequency stability, the integration test between the base station and the mobile station was accomplished. After applying automatic frequency error correction to mobile receiver, 4 Hz of frequency error at transmitting frequency was obtained. The result meets frequency error requirement of 짹 0.1ppm(about 짹 200 Hz). The performance degradation due to frequency error was measured by means of Error Vector Magnitude. © 2003 IEEE.
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Error correction method, Frequency Stability, Integration test, Mobile station(MS), System Requirements, base station(BS), error vector magnitude, frequency error(FE), frequency offset, mobile communication system, performance degradation