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학술대회 Study for Strengthening the ICT DIY Ecosystem
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Carl Frolund, 전종홍, 이윤관, 이승윤, 김형준
International Conference on Information and Communication Technology Convergence (ICTC) 2014, pp.269-274
14ME1100, ICT D.I.Y를 위한 개방형 표준개발, 김형준
As the rise of Internet of Things (IoT), and its projected impact on the world is becoming apparent, supporting and accelerating its development is increasingly important. Since the progress of IoT specifically depends on a strengthened ICT(Information & Communication Technology) DIY(Do It Yourself) culture, the purpose of this paper is therefore to outline a strategy to boost the domestic ICT DIY movement. Based on the requirements that a functioning DIY ecosystem must be supportive and inspirational towards its community, while fostering innovation and having the ability to commercialize new creations, it seeks inspiration from the global ecosystem in order to suggest a number of implementations. The study has found that to establish an effective ICT DIY community, a supportive structure for funding DIY fairs and publications should be created, information about these initiatives should be readily accessible to the public, and universities should engage in DIY IoT activities to stir an interest in its students. Furthermore, aid and guidelines should be provided for any establishing or established DIY community, DIY-spaces should be funded to increase their numbers and reach, and domestic regulations be adjusted to support DIY and startup activity. Finally, crowdfunding and crowdsourcing initiatives should be encouraged, while universities engage in knowledge sharing between students, institutions, and industries.i
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Do it yourself, ICT DIY, Internet of thing(IoT), Knowledge Sharing, communication technologies