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학술대회 IPlug and dSocket: A New Network API for Decoupling Identifier and Locator
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허신영, 김정환, 정희영, 전우직
Asia-Pacific Network Operations and Management Symposium (APNOMS) 2015, pp.460-463
In current Internet, network API acts as a bridge between application and network and the importance of its role is growing. However, it has inherent limitation of tight-coupling which makes almost indivisible all the network environments, such as transport controls and network-specific addresses. This coupling not only makes it difficult to change one without changing another, but also prevents both sides from evolving. This work presents a novel network API, iPlug and dSocket, which not only decouples identifier and locator, but splits application-specific functions from protocol-specific. Our design enables (1) injection of information-centered applications requirements, (2) encapsulated control of underlying network mechanisms, and (3) dynamic coupling between applications and network. The proposed API is implemented as a shared library that can be easily deployed. Our evaluations on mobility environment showed that applications have the benefits of clear abstraction and easy programmability from decoupled iPlug and dSocket API.
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Application-specific, Dynamic coupling