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학술대회 A Socially Interactive Robot Using Social Skills in Physical Training
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박천수, 이대하, 장민수, 김재홍, 강지훈
International Conference on Ubiquitous Robots and Ambient Intelligence (URAI) 2015, pp.437-439
15PC2800, 인간 친화적 로봇 서비스 환경에서 판단 적합성 90%이상인 복합지식 기반 판단 및 의미기반 로봇 표현 기술 개발, 김재홍
In this paper, we propose a socially interactive robot facilitating social skills and identify the effects of robot social skills, to help maintain a natural and sustained interaction between humans and robot in a physical training. To that end, we conducted an experiment with 28 participants using the humanoid robot Nao. As a result, there were significant differences in 7 out of 9 measured categories between the control group where social skills were not used, and the experimental group where social skills were used by the robot. Therefore, social skills including feedback, mutual gaze and social distance should be consider as a positive social cues for physical training.
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Mutual Gaze and Social Distance, Physical training, Robot social skills, Social cues, Socially Interactive Robot, humanoid robot NAO