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학술지 Preparation and Characterization of a Triple Layered Au-PMMA-PbSe Hybrid Nanocomposite: Manipulation of PMMA Spacer Layer by Oxygen Plasma Etching
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김완중, 최제봉, 김상희, 김애란, 유동진
Bulletin of the Korean Chemical Society, v.36 no.8, pp.1966-1973
대한화학회 (KCS), Wiley
A hybrid triple-layered nanocomposite structure of plasmonic gold (Au), polymethylmethacrylate (PMMA), and lead selenide (PbSe) quantum dot (QD) on quartz substrate was developed. The fabricated nanocomposite exhibited well-established triple-layered morphology (Au-PMMA-QD on quartz), but had different coupling distances between Au, on the bottom, and PbSe QD, on the top. Control of the coupling distances in terms of different thicknesses of a PMMA spacer layer was examined by etching for different durations, from 7 to 30 min. The corresponding thicknesses of the PMMA layer ranged from ~3.8 to ~88 nm at an etching rate of 2 nm/min. Atomic force microscopy measurements showed that the well-established triple-layered hybrid nanocomposite structure had the heights of ~15 nm (Au) and ~4 nm (PbSe QD). X-ray photoelectron spectroscopy results revealed the characteristic peaks assigned to each nanoparticle and polymer layer. The results illustrated the triple-layered structures with different PMMA spacer layers, with no cross interference between the layers.
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5 nm, Atomic force microscope(AFM), Cross interference, Different thicknesses, Layered hybrid, Layered morphology, Layered nanocomposite, Layered structure, Lead selenide, Oxygen plasma etching, Quartz substrate