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학술대회 Bringing Down Wires in Vehicles - Interconnecting ECUs using Wireless Connectivity
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이창원, 정훈, 류재홍, 최병철, 고정길
Conference on Embedded Networked Sensor Systems (SenSys) 2015, pp.465-466
15ZC1100, 차량 내 무선 센서 네트워크 기반기술 및 지능형자동차 적용 기술개발, 김도현
Most vehicles today inter-connect their electronic (sensing) components using wired communications such as CAN, Diognostic-CAN, or LIN. However, despite its simple design in connecting various automotive components, the cost and weight of installing wired connectors can increase quickly with the increasing number of electronic control units (ECUs) a vehicle supports. This work looks into the option of enabling wireless communications for intra-vehicle services, especially for less safety-critical applications. We present a wireless communication hardware platform that is used to design a vehicle's body controller/gateway device, which interconnects ECUs of heterogeneous communication mediums (e.g., CAN, LIN, etc.). We show using this demo, in which we present prototype implementations, that the latency and packet delivery performance of wireless links can be suitable for supporting various vehicular applications that relate less towards passenger safety.
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Automotive components, Delivery performance, Hardware platform, Heterogeneous communication, Intra-vehicle, Packet delivery, Passenger safety, Simple design, Vehicular Applications, electronic control unit(ECU), safety-critical applications