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학술대회 Enabling Intelligent Device Communication using Device Sociality
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최장호, 강동오, 정준영
International Conference on Consumer Electronics (ICCE) 2015 : Berlin, pp.507-509
Although the proliferation of the Internet of Things has opened up a new era of innovation, its utilization is often difficult, requiring human intervention. In this paper, we introduce a concept called device sociality which enables more intelligent device communication. By monitoring and analyzing their interactions, devices can discover unique relationships toward other objects. Devices may mimic the human socialization process in accumulating social relationship from exchanging services and resources. With the social relationships formed, devices are able to discover and identify trustworthy peers for their tasks and collaborations autonomously. We have implemented the device sociality in smart education domain and verified its feasibility by demonstrating the system in an education expo.
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Device Communication, Device Sociality, Internet of thing(IoT), Monitoring and analyzing, Smart education, Social Relationship, education domain, human intervention, intelligent device