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학술지 Evaluating the Efficiency of Mobile Content Companies Using Data Envelopment Analysis and Principal Component Analysis
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조은진, 박명철
ETRI Journal, v.33 no.3, pp.443-453
한국전자통신연구원 (ETRI)
10KE1100, 방송통신 융합환경하의 규정책 선도방안 연구, 변재호
This paper evaluates the efficiency of mobile content firms through a hybrid approach combining data envelopment analysis (DEA) to analyze the relative efficiency and performance of firms and principal component analysis (PCA) to analyze data structures. We performed a DEA using the total amount of assets, operating costs, employees, and years in business as inputs, and revenue as output. We calculated fifteen combinations of DEA efficiency in the mobile content firms. We performed a PCA on the results of the fifteen DEA models, dividing the mobile content firms into those having either 'asset-oriented' or 'manpower and experience-oriented' efficiency. Discriminant analysis was used to validate the relationship between the efficiency models and mobile content types. This paper contributes toward the construction of a framework that combines the DEA and PCA approaches in mobile content firms for use in comprehensive measurements. Such a framework has the potential to present major factors of efficiency for sustainable management in mobile content firms and to aid in planning mobile content industry policies. © 2011 ETRI.
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DEA models, Data envelopment analysis(DEA), Data structure, Efficiency and Performance, Mobile content, Operating costs, Principal component analysis (pca), Sustainable management, content types, discriminant analysis, hybrid approach