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학술대회 Architecture Based Software Reengineering Approach for Transforming from Legacy System to Component Based System through Applying Design Patterns
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차정은, 김철홍, 양영종
International Conference on Software Engineering Research and Applications (SERA) 2003 (LNCS 3026), v.3026, pp.266-278
02MC4300, 컴포넌트 개발방법론 개발, 박창순
Many reengineering approaches have focused on extracting an abstract representation through syntax analysis of legacy source codes. So, recovery of rationale behind the design decision, such as domain specific semantics and roles, has been ignored. In this paper, we suggest the architecture based reengineering approach using design patterns. A design pattern, as core element of software architecture, has integrated the concept of standardization about certain domain and expert experience into a set of related components that can perform specific functionality with better structure. We describe the reengineering process that defines a architecture of target system by refining architecture information of legacy system extracted through domain analysis, identifies the reengineering patterns that are applicable in that architecture, and completes a target system by mapping the identified reengineering pattern into target architecture. Also, we construct the Servlet2EJB prototyping system transforming servlet programs into EJB components as a case study for realizing our reengineering process. © Springer-Verlag 2004.
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Abstract representation, Case studies, Component-based system, Design decision, Design pattern, Domain specific, Legacy Systems, Reengineering patterns, Software Reengineering, domain analysis, expert experience