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학술대회 Design of Parking Assistance System using Wireless Sensor Networks
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이승준, 권영진, 윤두섭, 김도현
International Conference on Broadband and Wireless Computing, Communication and Applications (BWCCA) 2015, pp.33-37
This paper presents an parking assistance system based on wireless sensor networks technology to reduce the wire harness in vehicle. This wireless sensor networks system consists of two types of sensor nodes which one measures the distance using ultrasonic sensor and another monitors the ECU information from OBD. Sensor node for measuring distance to obstacles operates the detection process twice with changing the length of generated ultrasonic waves to cover the wide detection range. Data obtained by sensor nodes is sent to base-station by wireless links based on Time Division Multiple Access (TDMA) protocol. Evaluation tests show the high rate of packet sending and receiving between base-station and sensor nodes. Also, sensor nodes containing ultrasonic sensor satisfied the detection range of 30 cm to 120 cm.
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ECU information, High rate, Measuring distance, Sensor node, Static wireless sensor networks(WSNs), Time-division multiple access(TDMA), assistance system, base station(BS), detection process, parking assistance, ultrasonic sensor