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학술대회 Toward Highly Automated Driving by Vehicle-to-Infrastructure Communications
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노삼열, 안경환, 한우용
International Conference on Control, Automation and Systems (ICCAS) 2015, pp.2016-2021
This paper presents a cooperative system by vehicle-to-infrastructure (V2I) communications that extends the range of environmental perception and improves the performance of situation awareness for highly automated driving. The paper consists of two steps: data fusion based situation awareness and distributed reasoning based situation assessment. The data fusion produces a V2I augmented map to provide a better understanding of driving situations by integrating road infrastructures with a high-precision map. The distributed reasoning evaluates a risky level of a current situation in terms of road infrastructures through the use of independent local experts which are distributed into lane-level local regions of the vehicle's surroundings. The recommendations for driving behaviors are determined by the combination of results from each expert. The system is tested and evaluated through in-vehicle tests on a highway test road to verify that it can determine appropriate reactions under road hazard situations, such as black ice and construction.
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Cooperative system, Current situation, Data fusion, Environmental perception, Hazard Situations, In-vehicle, Road hazard, Situation Assessment, Situation awareness(SA), Vehicle-To-Infrastructure (V2I) communications, distributed reasoning