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학술대회 Applications of Machine Learning Algorithms to Predictive Manufacturing: Trends and Application of Tool Wear Compensation Parameter Recommendation
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한지형, 김록원, 지수영
International Conference on Big Data Applications and Services (BigDAS) 2015, pp.1-7
The manufacturing industry has become more competitive because of globalization and fast change in the industry. To survive from the global market, manufacturing enterprises should reduce the product cost and increase the productivity. The most promising way is applying the information communication technology especially machine learning algorithms to the traditional manufacturing system. This paper presents recent trends of applying machine learning techniques to manufacturing system and briey explains each kind of applications. As a representative application of machine learning algorithms to manufacturing system, a generalized tool wear compensation parameter recommendation framework using regression algorithms and preliminary results using real data gathered from local and small manufacturing are also presented.
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Applications of Machine Learning, Global market, Information and communication technology(ICT), Machine Learning Algorithms, Machine Learning technique(MLT), Manufacturing system, Predictive manufacturing, Product cost, Real data, Recent Trends, Regression algorithm