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학술대회 HCP6: A High-quality Conferencing Platform based on IPv6 multicast
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유태완, 인민교, 이승윤, Hosik Cho, Byoungwook Lee, Yanghee Choi
International Conference on Networks (ICON) 2004, pp.263-267
04MT2200, IPv6 지원 차세대 라우터 개발, 정해원
We introduce a high-quality videoconferencing application implemented using IPv6 multicast. The conferencing application is made to operate at IPv6 network environment on Microsoft Windows XP or 2000 enabled IPv6 stack. We implement this application using MPEG-4, MJPEG, and Video 1 codec to support high-quality conference and can select one by necessity of usability. In this paper, we describe the software architecture that is divided three managements area, efficient buffer managements that is data transmission technique from DirectShow filter to network manager, RTP and RTCP library, and DirectShow technology that is provided by Microsoft DirectX. And we present the experimental result that measures delay of a respective module and bandwidth of this application. © 2004 IEEE.
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Based on IPv6, Data transmission, Experimental Result, High-quality, IPv6 multicast, IPv6 network, Microsoft windows, Mpeg-4, Network Manager, network environment, software architecture