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학술대회 Design and Implementation of an Energy Trading Model for Smart Factories
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이현정, 유상근, 김용운
Conference on Emerging Technology and Factory Automation (ETFA) 2015, pp.1-4
This paper describes an energy trading model for efficient energy saving and management services. The energy consumers and suppliers in smart factories can trade their energy using the proposed model. First, the market participants register their information and select the roles of the energy suppliers or the consumers. They can change the roles depending on the situation. And the energy suppliers register the energy resources to the market server. And many energy consumers can apply the appropriate tender. When the bidding time ends, the market server calculates and determines the bidding results, and sends them to the bidding participants. According to the results, the consumer who received the winning bidder can use the energy during the appointed time. Using the proposed model, the suppliers and the consumers can easily trade the energy of smart factories, and can save the cost by trading the remained energy with reasonable prices. Also, the nation achieves the overall cost savings for energy by the balance of demand and supply.
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Cost savings, Demand and supply, Efficient energy, Energy saving, Energy trading, Management services, Market participants, Proposed model, Smart Factory, design and implementation, energy resources