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학술대회 Resource Allocation for Device-to-Device Communications Based on Graph-Coloring
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이창희, 오성민, 신재승
International Symposium on Intelligent Signal Processing and Communication Systems (ISPACS) 2015, pp.451-455
In device-to-device (D2D) systems, neighboring D2D pairs provide unavoidable interference when a same resource is allocated to multiple D2D pairs. And, this interference acts as a major bottleneck which significantly deteriorates the link quality and prevents from achieving the spatial reuse gain. Hence, in this paper, we introduce the graph-coloring theory and propose a resource allocation algorithm for D2D systems in order to properly avoid dominant interference from neighboring D2D pairs. Throughout simulations results, we show that the proposed scheme provides fairly good performance compared to the optimal resource allocation, while drastically reducing the computational complexity, and performance gain over conventional schemes with respect to sum rate of D2D pairs. Moreover, the results on the outage probability illustrate that the proposed scheme improves the link quality compared to that of conventional schemes.
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Computational complexity, Device to Device(D2D), Dominant interference, Link quality, Optimal resource allocation, Outage probability(OP), Performance gain, Resource allocation algorithm, Sum rate, device-to-device communication, graph coloring