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학술대회 Portable Wireless Device for Hemoglobin Level Monitoring
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이대식, 김완중, 정문연, B.-G. Jeon
SENSORS 2015, pp.13-16
The wireless detection of hemoglobin from whole blood with very small volumes is a significant research topic, due to its improving impact on human health in the field. In the present paper, we have fabricated a simple and smart wireless optical device for hemoglobin level monitoring, including the simple optical modules, disposable plastic chip, and wireless near field communication module, for the first time. It has demonstrated a high accuracy performance of 95짹2 % and rapid analysis time within 30 seconds using whole blood samples. We have compared with a clinical laboratory instrument and confirmed that it have worked well with a coefficients of determination (R2) of 0.952. Finally, we implemented a near-field communication module in the device for communicating with a smart android tablet. We think that this optical assembly can show great potential as a platform for improving human health through the monitoring of human hemoglobin status in the field.
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Accuracy performance, Blood sample, Communication module, High accuracy, Near Field Communication(NFC), Optical assembly, Optical devices, Optical module, Rapid analysis, Wireless devices, android tablet