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학술대회 A 77GHz Automotive Radar MMIC Chip Set Fabricated by a 0.15μm MHEMT Technology
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강동민, 윤형섭, 홍주연, 심재엽, 이경호
IEEE MTT-S International Microwave Symposium 2005, pp.2111-2114
04MB2700, 40G 모듈(테라비트 통신용 InP RF 집적회로 기술개발), 이명현
An MMIC chip set consisting of a power amplifier, a driver amplifier, low noise amplifier, and a frequency doubler has been developed for automotive radar systems at 77GHz. The chip set was fabricated using 0.15μm gate-length InGaAs/InAlAs/GaAs mHEMT process based on 4-inch substrate. The power amplifier demonstrated a measured small signal gain of over 20dB from 76~77GHz with 15.5dBm output power. The chip size is 2mm × 2mm. The driver amplifier exhibited a gain of 23dB over a 76~77 GHz band with an output power of 13dBm. The chip size is 2.1mm × 2mm. The low noise amplifier achieved a gain of 20dB in a band between 76~77GHz with an output power of 10dBm. The chip size is 2.2mm × 2mm. The frequency doubler achieved an output power of -6dBm at 76.5GHz with a conversion gain of -16dB for an input power of 10dBm and a 38.25GHz input frequency. The chip size is 1.2mm × 1.2mm. This MMIC chip set is suitable for the 77GHz automotive radar systems and related applications in W-band. © 2005 IEEE.
77GHz, Automotive radar, Driver amplifier, Frequency doubler, Low noise amplifier, MHEMT, MMIC, Power amplifier
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77 GHz, Automotive radar systems, Conversion gain, Driver Amplifier, Frequency doubler, GHz band, GaAs mHEMT, Input power, Output power, Small signal gain, W-band