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학술지 High-Voltage 4H-SiC Trench MOS Barrier Schottky Rectifier with Low Forward Voltage Drop Using Enhanced Sidewall Layer
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조두형, 심슬기, 박건식, 원종일, 김상기, 김광수
Japanese Journal of Applied Physics, v.54 no.12, pp.1-5
Japan Society of Applied Physics (JSAP), Institute of Physics (IOP)
In this paper, a 4H-SiC trench MOS barrier Schottky (TMBS) rectifier with an enhanced sidewall layer (ESL) is proposed. The proposed structure has a high doping concentration at the trench sidewall. This high doping concentration improves both the reverse blocking and forward characteristics of the structure. The ESL-TMBS rectifier has a 7.4% lower forward voltage drop and a 24% higher breakdown voltage. However, this structure has a reverse leakage current that is approximately three times higher than that of a conventional TMBS rectifier owing to the reduction in energy barrier height. This problem is solved when ESL is used partially, since its use provides a reverse leakage current that is comparable to that of a conventional TMBS rectifier. Thus, the forward voltage drop and breakdown voltage improve without any loss in static and dynamic characteristics in the ESL-TMBS rectifier compared with the performance of a conventional TMBS rectifier.
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4H-SiC, Breakdown voltage(BDV), Energy barrier height, High Voltage, High doping concentration, Reverse Blocking, Reverse leakage current, Schottky rectifiers, low forward voltage drop, static and dynamic characteristics