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Journal Article Improved Polarized 2x2 MIMO Spatial Multiplexing Method for DVB-NGH System
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Jae Hyun Seo, 정태진, Heung Mook Kim, 한동석
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IEEE Transactions on Broadcasting, v.61 no.4, pp.729-733
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15MR3300, Development of Service and Transmission Technology for Convergent Realistic Broadcast, Namho Hur
Recently terrestrial digital broadcasting systems have experienced a growth with the demand of high-data rate. In order to meet such demand, the multiple-input multiple-output (MIMO) technology has received wide attention. This paper proposes a pre-coding method, which provides high-space channel correlation for the improved performance over terrestrial broadcasting channels when the MIMO spatial multiplexing (SM) is adopted for digital video broadcasting-next generation handheld systems. When signals with two different modulation orders are transmitted through two antennas, a method that is based on non-uniform power is also proposed for improved reception performance. To optimize the proposed method, phase shifting values for the pre-coding method and appropriate non-uniform power ratio are obtained. These obtained parameters are applied to a terrestrial broadcasting system, and then the performance improvement over the conventional SM is shown through computer simulations.
KSP Keywords
Broadcasting system, Channel correlation, Coding method, Computer simulation(MC and MD), DVB-NGH, Digital video broadcasting, Multiple input multiple output(MIMO), Non-uniform, Terrestrial Broadcasting, Terrestrial Digital Broadcasting, data rate