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Kwon Yong-Hwan, Choe Joong-Seon, Kim Je Ha, Kisoo Kim, Choi Kwang-Seong, Choi Byung-Seok, Yun Ho-Gyeong
Issue Date
ETRI Journal, v.27 no.5, pp.484-490
한국전자통신연구원 (ETRI)
Project Code
04MB2700, 40G Module, Myung Hyun Lee
We fabricated 40 Gb/s front-end optical receivers using spot-size converter integrated waveguide photodiodes (SSC-WGPDs). The fabricated SSC-WGPD chips showed a high responsivity of approximately 0.8 A/W and a 3 dB bandwidth of approximately 40 GHz. A selective wetetching method was first adopted to realize the required width and depth of a tapered waveguide. Two types of electrical pre-amplifier chips were used in our study. One has higher gain and the other has a broader bandwidth. The 3 dB bandwidths of the higher gain and broader bandwidth modules were about 32 and 42 GHz, respectively. Clear 40 Gb/s non-return-to-zero (NRZ) eye diagrams showed good system applicability of these modules.
KSP Keywords
3-dB bandwidth, 40 gb/s, Broader bandwidth, Eye Diagram, Front-End, Integrated waveguide, Optical receiver, Pre-amplifier, Spot size converter(SSC), Waveguide photodiodes(WGPD), high responsivity
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