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학술대회 A Multi-gigabit Rate Deep Packet Inspection Algorithm using TCAM
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성정식, 강석민, 이영석, 권택근, 김봉태
GLOBECOM 2005, pp.453-457
05ZB1500, 광가입자망(FTTH)서비스 개발 실험사업, 김봉태
With the increasing importance of network protection from cyber threats, it is requested to develop a multi-gigabit rate pattern-matching method for protecting against malicious attacks in high-speed network. This paper devises a high-speed deep packet inspection algorithm with TCAM by using an m-byte jumping window pattern-matching scheme. The proposed algorithm significantly reduces the number of TCAM lookups per payload by m times with the marginally enlarged TCAM size which can be implemented by cascading multiple TCAMs. Due to the reduced number of TCAM lookups, we can easily achieve multi-gigabit rate for scanning the packet payload. It is shown by simulation that for the Snort rule with 2,247 patterns, our proposed algorithm supports more than 10 Gbps rate with a 9 Mbit TCAM. © 2005 IEEE.
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Cyber threats, High speed network, Multi-Gigabit, Network protection, Packet payload, deep packet inspection(DPI), malicious attacks, matching method, pattern matching