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학술대회 Ontology-Based Context-Aware Service Engine for U-HealthCare
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고은정, 이형직, 이전우
International Conference on Advanced Communication Technology (ICACT) 2006, pp.632-637
05MH2100, 생체정보처리 기반 웨어러블 시스템 기술 개발, 이전우
To offer a semantically suitable service for user in context-aware system, ontology concept is needed. By using the ontology, it is possible to provide knowledge sharing and support for syntactic and semantic interoperability. In this paper, we propose the Context-Aware Service Engine based on Ontology. As we use ontology, our system has the following useful aspects. First, our system can describe types, hierarchies, relations of contexts, so that any context instance can be accommodated into the system with no additional effort. Seconds, as we design two level's ontology, any system which uses ontology could reuse our context ontology context in pervasive environment. Three, our system could be applied to semantic web which is called a revolution of a post web and could provide interoperability.
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Context aware system, Context ontology, Context-aware service, Knowledge Sharing, Pervasive Environment, Semantic interoperability, Ubiquitous Healthcare System(U-Healthcare), ontology concept, semantic web