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학술대회 Adaptive Threshold-based Link Status Update Mechanism
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김태일, 유정주, 정해원, 이형호, 정민영, 진성일
International Conference on Advanced Communication Technology (ICACT) 2006, pp.888-891
06MT2800, IPv6기반의 Qos 서비스 및 단말 이동성 지원 라우터 기술개발, 정해원
The current Internet Protocol (IP)-based networks face tremendous requirements such as Quality of Service (QoS) guarantees, efficient Traffic Engineering (TE), network scalability, and high network performance, in accordance with the emergence of diverse Internet services. A constraint-based routing path is determined based on network topology and link state information to guarantee QoS. It is necessary for constraint-based routing to disseminate and update link state information. Throughput can be reduced due to processing link state update messages if link update messages are generated excessively. On the other side, route setup requests can be rejected even though there are available routes in case that link state information is not updated appropriately. This paper proposes a new adaptive threshold-based link status update mechanism to reduce the volume of link state update traffic and to provide QoS-guaranteed path. In addition, the performance of the proposed mechanism is evaluated via simulations.
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Adaptive threshold, Constraint-Based Routing, Internet protocol(IP), Internet service, Link state, Link status, Network performance, Network topology, Routing Path, State information, State update