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학술대회 Movable Spatial AR On-The-Go
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이아현, 이주행, 김재홍
International Symposium on Mixed and Augmented Reality (ISMAR) 2015, pp.182-183
14PC1900, 로봇 적용 범위 확장을 위해 3종의 조인트 모듈, 최대 7자유도의 기구부 조합에 따른 제어, 인지 시스템의 자동 구성이 가능한 모듈라 매니퓰레이션 기술 개발, 김재홍
We present a movable spatial augmented reality (SAR) system that can be easily installed in a user workspace. The proposed system aims to dynamically cover a wider projection area using a portable projector attached to a simple robotic device. It has a clear advantage than a conventional SAR scenario where, for example, a projector should be installe1d with a fixed projection area in the workspace. In the previous research [1], we proposed a data-driven kinematic control method for a movable SAR system. This method targets a SAR system integrated with a user-created robotic (UCR) device where an explicit kinematic configuration such as CAD model is unavailable. Our contribution in this paper is to show the feasibility of the data-driven control method by developing a practical application where dynamic change of projection area matters. We outline the control method and demonstrate an assembly guide example using a casually installed movable SAR system.
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Assembly guide, Augmented reality(AR), CAD model, Dynamic change, Robotic device, Spatial augmented reality, System Integrated, control method, data-driven control, kinematic control, practical application