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학술대회 High-Scalable 3D Indoor Positioning Algorithm Using Loosely-Coupled Wi-Fi/Sensor Integration
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조영수, 지명인, 김주영, 전주일
International Conference on Advanced Communication Technology (ICACT) 2015, pp.96-99
14MC5500, 사용자 참여 기반의 측위 인프라 DB 자동 갱신 기술 개발, 조영수
This paper proposes high-scalable 3D indoor positioning algorithm in commercial smart-phone by combining two complementary technologies, Wi-Fi and sensor based positioning. Because a smartphone usually has low-grade MEMS sensor and heterogeneous Wi-Fi chipset, it's very difficult to achieve the globally bounded position in scalable indoor environment. Furthermore, the deployment of wireless infrastructure, e.g. Wi-Fi, is hardly controlled by LBS service providers due to the gigantic set-up cost and time. Considering this limitation, the proposed solution is most realistic and opportunistic positioning method, in especially large and complex indoor environment. Firstly, our indoor LBS platform is summarized for understanding the high-level architecture. Then the principle and concept of this proposed algorithm is described. Finally, the experimental set-up and its results are analysed and its successful achievement are presented from about half an hour test scenario.
KSP 제안 키워드
3D indoor positioning, High Level Architecture(HLA), Indoor Environment, Indoor LBS, Loosely coupled, Low-grade, MEMS sensor, Positioning method, Sensor based, Sensor integration, Service Provider